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DISCOGRAPHY > RALPH MACDONALD ALBUMS > Sound of a Drum / Counterpoint

Sound of a Drum/Counterpoint
(Originally Released 1976/1978 as two albums)

1. Sound of a Drum
2. Where Is The Love
3. The Only Time You Say You Love Me (Is When We're Making Love)
4. Jam On The Groove
5. Mister Magic
6. Calypso Breakdown
7. I Need Someone
8. You Are In Love
9. Tell The Truth
10. Discolypso
11. Always Something Missing
12. East Dry River


Sound of a Drum
Produced by Ralph MacDonald & William Salter
Associate Producers: William Eaton & Arthur Jenkins, Jr.
Arranged & Conducted by William Eaton (1, 2, 4, 6) and Arthur Jenkins, Jr (3, 5)
Engineered by Richard Alderson

Produced by RalphMacDonald, William Salter & William Eaton
Rhythm tracks arranged by Ralph MacDonald (except 7 by William Eaton)
Horns, Strings and Background Vocal arrangements by William Eaton (except 10, arranged by Joe Brown and orchestrated by Frankie Francis)
Engineered by Richard Alderson


Sound of a Drum
Ralph MacDonald - Conga, Percussion, Bongos, Quica
Grover Washington, Jr - Soprano & Tenor Sax (1)
Chuck Rainey - Electric Bass
Eric Gale - Guitar
Richard Tee - Piano (1, 2, 4, 6)
Rick Marotta - Drums
Jean "Toots" Thielemans - Harmonica solo (2)
Arthur Jenkins, Jr - Piano (3, 5), Clavinette (4)
William Eaton - Vocals (3)
Bob James - Synthesizer & Solo (4)
David Friedman - Vibes (5)
Nicholas Marrero - Timbales (5)
William Salter - Upright Bass (5), Cowbell (6)
Clinton Thobourne - Clarinet Solo (6)
Urias (Uncle Bougs) Fritz - Bottle (6)

Horns: Harold Vick, Joe Farrell, Seldon Powell, Kiane Zawadi, Jimmy Owens, Vergil Jones

Strings: Alfred Brown, Sanford Allen, Gene Orloff, Julien Barber, Matthew Raimondi, Selwart Clarke, Paul Gershman, Max Pollikoff, Emanuel Green, Harry Lookofsky

Cello: Kermit Moore and Jesse Levy

Singers (2): Patti Austin, Zachary Sanders, Vivian Cherry, Raymond Simpson, Gwen Guthrie, Frank Floyd

Ralph MacDonald - Congas, Syndrum, Timbales, and all Percussion
Steve Gadd - Drums
Harvey Mason - Drums (8)
Eric Gale - Guitar, Bass (8, 9, 12)
Joe Brown - Bass (10, 11), Percussion (10)
Will Lee - Bass (7)
Richard Tee - Piano
Arthur Jenkins, Jr - Organ & Clavinet (11)
Grover Washington, Jr - Tenor Sax (7)
Robert Greenidge - Steel Pan (10, 12)
Zachary Sanders - Lead Vocals (7, 9, 11)

Background Vocals: William Eaton, Zachary Sanders, Frank Floyd, Ken Williams

Horns: Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Ronald Cuber, Jon Faddis, Howard Johnson, Tom Malone, Barry Rogers, Dave Sanborn, Harold Vick

Strings: K. LaMar Alsop, Julien Barber, Selwart Clarke, Lewis Eley, Leo Kahn, Guy Lumia, Kermit Moore, Marvin Morgestern, Eugene Moye, Gene Orloff, Anthony Posk, Lenore Weinstock

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