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Peter Allen  Tenterfield Saddler (1972)
Peter Allen  Continental American (1974)
Luther Allison  Night Life (1975)
Luther Allison  Motown Years 1972-1976 (1996)
Duane Allman  Anthology, Vol. 2 (1974)
Ashford & Simpson  So So Satisfied (1977)
Ashford & Simpson  Send It (1977)
Ashford & Simpson  Is It Still Good to Ya (1978)
Ashford & Simpson  Solid (1984)
Ashford & Simpson  Gospel According to Ashford &... (1996)
Ashford & Simpson  Very Best of Ashford & Simpson (2002)
Patti Austin  Havana Candy (1977)
Patti Austin  Every Home Should Have One (1981)
Patti Austin  Gettin' Away with Murder (1985)
Patti Austin  Best of Patti Austin [Columbia] (1994)
Patti Austin  Very Best of Patti Austin (2001)
The Average White Band  AWB (1974)
BFD  Bfd (1995)
Burt Bacharach  Futures (1977)
Chet Baker  You Can't Go Home Again (1977)
The Bar-Kays  Money Talks (1978)
Gato Barbieri  Caliente! (1976)
Gato Barbieri  Fire and Passion (1988)
Gato Barbieri  Gato Barbieri's Finest Hour (2000)
The Bee Gees  Living Eyes (1981)
Harry Belafonte &...  Evening with Belafonte/Mouskouri (1966)
Maggie Bell  Queen of the Night (1974)
George Benson  Breezin' (1976)
George Benson  In Flight (1976)
George Benson  George Benson Collection (1976)
George Benson  Best of George Benson [Warner... (1976)
George Benson  Best of George Benson: The... (1976)
George Benson  Weekend in L A (1977)
George Benson  Livin' Inside Your Love (1977)
George Benson  In Your Eyes (1978)
George Benson  20/20 (1984)
George Benson with the...  Big Boss Band (1990)
George Benson  That's Right (1996)
George Benson  George Benson Anthology (2000)
Black Heat  Declassfied Grooves (2001)
Angela Bofill  Angie (1978)
Angela Bofill  Angel of the Night (1979)
David Bowie  Young Americans (1975)
David Bowie  Changesbowie (1990)
David Bowie  Changes [Rykodisc] (1990)
David Bowie  Young Americans [Bonus CD... (1991)
David Bowie  Changes [EMI] (1999)
Brecker Bros.  Brecker Bros. (1975)
Brecker Bros.  Brecker Bros. Collection, Vol. 1 (1975)
The Brecker Brothers Band  Back to Back (1975)
Brecker Bros.  Brecker Bros. Collection, Vol. 2 (1975)
Brecker Bros.  Don't Stop the Music (1977)
The Brecker Brothers  Detente (1980)
Brethren  Moment of Truth (1971)
Brigati  Lost in the Wilderness
Martin Briley  Dangerous Moments (1985)
The Brothers Johnson  Look Out for #1 (1976)
The Brothers Johnson  Right on Time (1977)
James Brown  Hell (1974)
Oscar Brown  Movin' On (1972)
Jimmy Buffett  Floridays (1986)
Jimmy Buffett  Hot Water (1988)
Jimmy Buffett  Off to See the Lizard (1989)
Jimmy Buffett  Feeding Frenzy (1990)
Jimmy Buffett  Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads (1992)
Jimmy Buffett  Barometer Soup (1995)
Jimmy Buffett  Banana Wind (1996)
Jimmy Buffett  Christmas Island (1996)
Jimmy Buffett  Don't Stop the Carnival (1998)
Jimmy Buffett  Beach House on the Moon (1999)
Jimmy Buffett  Buffett Live: Tuesdays, Thursdays, (1999)
Jimmy Buffett  Far Side of the World (2002)
Kenny Burrell with Grover...  Togethering (1984)
Jonathan Butler  Jonathan Butler (1987)
Jonathan Cain Band  Windy City Breakdown (1977)
The Carpenters  Lovelines (1985)
Ron Carter  Blues Farm (1973)
Ron Carter  Spanish Blue (1974)
Ron Carter  Anything Goes (1975)
Ron Carter  Song for You (1978)
Ron Carter & Friends  Standard Bearers (1978)
Ron Carter  New York Slick (1979)
Ron Carter  Pick 'Em/Super Strings (2001)
Club Trini  Margaritaville Cafe: Late Night... (2000)
Judy Collins  Judith (1975)
Lou Courtney  I'm in Need of Love (1974)
Hank Crawford  Heart and Soul: The Hank Crawford... (1958)
Hank Crawford  Wildflower (1973)
Hank Crawford  Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing (1975)
Hank Crawford  I Hear a Symphony (1975)
Randy Crawford  Everything Must Change (1980)
The Crusaders  Way Back Home (1961)
The Crusaders  Free as the Wind (1976)
The Crusaders  Priceless Jazz (1998)
The Crusaders  Crusaders' Finest Hour (2000)
Jackie DeShannon  Best Of...1958-1980: Come and Get... (2000)
Paul Desmond  Best of Paul Desmond (1972)
Paul Desmond  Skylark (1997)
Dr. John  In the Right Place (1973)
Dr. John  Ultimate Dr. John (1987)
Dr. John  Mos' Scocious: Anthology (1993)
Cornell Dupree  Teasin' (1973)
East Bounce  East Bounce (1995)
William Eaton  Struggle Buggy
Yvonne Elliman  I Dont Know How to Love Him (1972)
Yvonne Elliman  Yvonne Elliman (1972)
Yvonne Elliman  Best of Yvonne Elliman (1997)
Kevin Eubanks  Face to Face (1986)
Bill Evans  Symbiosis (1974)
Georgie Fame  Cool Cat Blues (1991)
Far Cry  More Things Change
Joe Farrell  La Cathedral Y El Toro (1978)
Maynard Ferguson  Primal Scream (1976)
Maynard Ferguson  Conquistador (1977)
Maynard Ferguson  Carnival (1978)
Maynard Ferguson  This Is Jazz, Vol. 16 (1996)
Maynard Ferguson  New Vintage
Roberta Flack  Quiet Fire (1971)
Roberta Flack  Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway (1972)
Roberta Flack  Feel Like Makin' Love (1975)
Roberta Flack  I'm the One (1982)
Roberta Flack  Softly With These Songs: The Best... (1993)
David Forman  David Forman (1976)
Aretha Franklin  Let Me in Your Life (1974)
Aretha Franklin  With Everything I Feel in Me (1974)
Aretha Franklin  Queen of Soul: The Atlantic... (1992)
Michael Franks  Burchfield Nines (1978)
Michael Franks  Camera Never Lies (1987)
Michael Franks  Best of Michael Franks: A Backward (1998)
Michael Franks  Indispensable: The Best of Michael (1998)
Glenn Frey  Soul Searchin' (1988)
Glenn Frey  Solo Collection (1995)
Glenn Frey  20th Century Masters - The... (2000)
GQ  Disco Nights (1979)
Eric Gale  Ginseng Woman (1976)
Eric Gale  Ginseng Woman/Multiplication (1976)
Eric Gale  Multiplication (1978)
Eric Gale  Part of You (1979)
Eric Gale  Best of Eric Gale (1980)
Art Garfunkel  Watermark (1977)
Gene & Francesca  Gene & Francesca
Glassharp  Synergy (1972)
Barry Goldberg  Barry Goldberg (1972)
Grant Green  Best of Grant Green, Vol. 2 (1971)
Grant Green  Blue Breakbeats (1998)
Dave Grusin  One of a Kind (1977)
Dave Grusin  Priceless Jazz (1998)
Dave Grusin  Very Best of Dave Grusin (2002)
Hall & Oates  Abandoned Luncheonette (1973)
Hall & Oates  Atlantic Collection (1996)
Tim Hardin  Bird on a Wire (1971)
Tim Hardin  Suite for Susan Moore & Damion... (2000)
Donny Hathaway  Extension of a Man (1973)
Donny Hathaway  Best of Donny Hathaway (1978)
Joe Henderson  Milestone Years (1967)
Joe Henderson  In Pursuit of Blackness (1970)
Joe Henderson  In Pursuit of Blackness/Black Is... (1970)
Joe Henderson  Black Is the Color (1972)
Hidden Strength  Hidden Strength (1976)
Lena Horne  Nature's Baby (1971)
Lena Horne  Lena and Michael (2002)
Larry Hosford  A.K.A. Lorenzo (1975)
Bobbi Humphrey  Best of Bobbi Humphrey [Epic] (1977)
Bobbi Humphrey  Good Life (1979)
Bobbi Humphrey  Passion Flute (1994)
Bobbi Humphrey  No Way
Arthur Hurley & Gottlieb  Arthur Hurley & Gottlieb (1973)
Bobby Hutcherson  Montara (1975)
Kimiko Itoh  Sophisticated Lady (1997)
Kimiko Itoh  Standards My Way (1997)
Milt Jackson  Goodbye (1972)
Milt Jackson  Sunflower (1972)
Jaroslav Jakubovic  Checkin' In (1978)
Bob James  One (1974)
Bob James  Two (1975)
Bob James  Three (1976)
Bob James  Heads (1977)
Bob James  BJ 4 (1977)
Bob James  Four (1977)
Bob James  Best of Bob James [Castle] (1978)
Bob James  Lucky Seven (1979)
Bob James  H (1979)
Bob James  Touchdown (1979)
Bob James & Earl Klugh  One on One (1979)
Bob James  Flashback Follow Bob James (1981)
Bob James  Genie (1983)
Bob James  Foxie (1983)
Bob James  Restoration: The Best of Bob James (2001)
Bob James  Essential Collection: 24 Smooth... (2002)
Bob James  H [Japanese Bonus Track] (2002)
Bob James  Lucky Seven [Japanese Bonus Track] (2002)
Bob James  Three [Japanese Bonus Track] (2002)
Bob James  BJ 4 [Japanese Bonus Track] (2002)
Bob James  Touchdown [Japanese Bonus Track] (2002)
Bob James  One [Japanese Bonus Track] (2002)
Bob James  Heads [Japanese Bonus Track] (2002)
Bob James  Two [Japanese Bonus Track] (2002)
Bob James  Sign of the Times [Japanese Bonus... (2002)
Al Jarreau  Glow (1976)
Scott Jarrett  Without Rhyme or Reason (1980)
Garland Jeffreys  Garland Jeffreys (1973)
Garland Jeffreys  Matador & More... (1992)
Billy Joel  Stranger (1977)
Billy Joel  52nd Street (1978)
Billy Joel  Innocent Man (1983)
Billy Joel  Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2 (1973... (1985)
Billy Joel  Complete Hits Collection 1974-1997 (1997)
Billy Joel  Piano Man/52nd Street/Kohuept:... (2002)
General Johnson  General Johnson (1979)
Quincy Jones  I Heard That! (1969)
Quincy Jones  Mellow Madness (1975)
Quincy Jones  Sounds...And Stuff Like That!! (1978)
Quincy Jones  Q: The Musical Biography of Quincy (2001)
Quincy Jones  Ultimate Collection (2002)
The Joneses  Keepin' up with the Jones (1974)
Margie Joseph  Margie Joseph (1973)
Margie Joseph  Margie (1975)
Michael Kenny  Michael Kenny
Robin Kenyatta  Gypsy Man (1972)
Robin Kenyatta  Terra Nova (1973)
Steve Khan  Tightrope (1977)
Steve Khan  Blue Man (1978)
Carole King  Thoroughbred (1976)
Carole King  Her Greatest Hits: Songs of Long... (1978)
Carole King  Natural Woman: The Ode Collection... (1994)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk  Does Your House Have Lions: The... (1961)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk  Aces Back to Back (1968)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk  Case of the 3-Sided Dream in Audio (1975)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk  Vibration Continues
Earl Klugh  Ballads (1976)
Earl Klugh  Love Songs (1976)
Earl Klugh  Living Inside Your Love (1977)
Earl Klugh  Finger Painting (1977)
Earl Klugh  Heart String (1979)
Earl Klugh  Best of Earl Klugh, Vol. 1 (1991)
Earl Klugh  Best of Earl Klugh, Vol. 2 (1992)
Gladys Knight & the Pips  Best of Gladys Knight & the Pips... (2001)
Jerry Lacroix  Second Coming (1974)
Neil Larsen  Jungle Fever (1978)
Yusef Lateef  Every Village Has a Song: The... (1949)
Hubert Laws  Best of Hubert Laws (1970)
Hubert Laws  Morning Star (1972)
Hubert Laws  Romeo & Juliet (1976)
Donal Leace  Donal Leace (1972)
Julian Lennon  Valotte (1984)
Kenny Loggins  Celebrate Me Home (1977)
Mike Longo  Like a Thief in the Night (1997)
Looking Glass  Subway Serenade (1973)
Jon Lucien  Mind's Eye (1974)
Jon Lucien  Sweet Control: The Best of Jon... (1999)
Taj Mahal  Taj (1987)
Miriam Makeba With Harry...  Evening with Belafonte & Makeba... (2002)
Junior Mance  That Lovin' Feelin' (1973)
David Mancuso Presents  Loft [CD] (1999)
Chuck Mangione  Chuck Mangione's Finest Hour (2000)
Manhattan Transfer  Coming Out (1976)
Manhattan Transfer  Anthology: Down in Birdland (1992)
Herbie Mann  Evolution of Mann: The Herbie Mann (1960)
Herbie Mann  Herbie Mann Anthology (1960)
Herbie Mann  Push Push (1971)
Herbie Mann  Discotheque (1974)
Herbie Mann  Waterbed (1975)
Herbie Mann  Surprises (1976)
Herbie Mann  Brazil: Once Again (1978)
Herbie Mann  Waterbed/Surprises (2001)
Herbie Mann  Turtle Bay/Discotheque (2001)
Herbie Mann  Brazil: Once Again/Sunbelt (2001)
Herbie Mann  Best of the Atlantic Years (2002)
Mark-Almond  Other Peoples Rooms (1978)
Harvey Mason  Funk in a Mason Jar (1977)
Harvey Mason  Groovin' You (1979)
Harvey Mason  Sho Nuff Groove: The Best of... (1999)
Les McCann  Les McCann Anthology:... (1960)
Les McCann  Invitation to Openness (1971)
Les McCann  Layers (1972)
Don McLean  Don McLean (1972)
Don McLean  Playin' Favourites (1974)
Don McLean  Homeless Brother (1974)
Bette Midler  Divine Miss M (1972)
Bette Midler  Bette Midler (1973)
Bette Midler  Divine Collection (1993)
Bette Midler  Experience the Divine [1993] (1993)
Bette Midler  Experience the Divine [2000] (1997)
Marcus Miller  Best of Marcus Miller (2000)
Jerry Moore  Ballad of Birmingham (1967)
Melba Moore  Peach Melba (1975)
Russell Morris  2
Nana Mouskouri  Evening with Belafonte
Idris Muhammad  Power of Soul (1974)
Idris Muhammad  My Turn (1993)
The Neville Brothers  Fiyo on the Bayou (1981)
The Neville Brothers  Uptown Rulin': The Best Of (1999)
David "Fathead" Newman  House of David: The David... (1952)
David "Fathead" Newman  Lonely Avenue (1971)
David "Fathead" Newman  Weapon/At Home and Abroad (1999)
Laura Nyro  Christmas and the Beads of Sweat (1970)
Teddy Pendergrass  TP (1980)
Teddy Pendergrass  It's Time for Love/This One's for... (1999)
Esther Phillips  Alone Again (Naturally) (1972)
Esther Phillips  Performance (1974)
Esther Phillips  What a Diff'rence a Day Makes (1975)
Esther Phillips & Joe Beck  Esther Phillips and Joe Beck (1975)
Esther Phillips  Capricorn Princess (1976)
Esther Phillips  For All We Know (1976)
Flip Phillips with Scott...  Sound Investment (1987)
Pieces of a Dream  Best of Pieces of a Dream (1982)
Pieces of a Dream  Pieces of a Dream (1990)
Pieces of a Dream  We Are One
Noel Pointer  Phantazia (1977)
Noel Pointer  Hold On (1999)
John Prine  Sweet Revenge (1973)
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie  Soul Is...Pretty Purdie (1972)
Rainbow Featuring Will...  Crystal Green (1977)
Bonnie Raitt  Streetlights (1974)
Bonnie Raitt  Bonnie Raitt Collection (1990)
Elliott Randall  Randalls New York (1977)
The Rascals  Peaceful World (1971)
The Rascals  Island of Real (1972)
The Rascals  Anthology (1965-1972) (1992)
Lou Rawls  It's Supposed to Be Fun (1990)
Lou Rawls  Legendary Lou Rawls (1992)
Leon Redbone  On the Track (1976)
Martha Reeves  Martha Reeves (1974)
Martha Reeves  Martha Reeves [Compilation] (1997)
Max Roach  Lift Every Voice and Sing (1971)
David Rudder  Gilded Collection: 1986-1989 (1993)
David Sanborn  Taking Off (1975)
David Sanborn  Best of David Sanborn (1975)
David Sanborn  Love Songs (1976)
David Sanborn  Heart to Heart (1978)
David Sanborn  Hideaway (1979)
David Sanborn  Voyeur (1980)
David Sanborn  Backstreet (1982)
David Sanborn  Straight to the Heart (1984)
Steve Satten  Whatcha Gonna Do for Me? (1975)
Lalo Schifrin  Towering Toccata (2000)
Shirley Scott  Something (1970)
Tom Scott  New York Connection (1975)
Tom Scott  Blow It Out (1976)
Tom Scott  Intimate Strangers (1978)
Tom Scott  Street Beat (1979)
Tom Scott  Best of Tom Scott (1980)
Tom Scott  Apple Juice (1981)
Tom Scott & the L.A....  Smokin' Section (1999)
Seawind  Seawind (1976)
Don Sebesky  Giant Box (1973)
Doc Severinsen  Brand New Thing (1977)
Janis Siegel  Experiment in White (1982)
Carly Simon  Hotcakes (1974)
Carly Simon  Best of Carly Simon [Elektra] (1975)
Carly Simon  Best of Carly Simon [UK] (1998)
Paul Simon  Still Crazy After All These Years (1975)
Paul Simon  Greatest Hits, Etc. (1977)
Paul Simon  One Trick Pony [Original... (1980)
Paul Simon  Graceland (1986)
Paul Simon  Negotiations and Love Songs 1971... (1988)
Paul Simon  1964-1993 (1993)
Ray Simpson  Tiger Love (1978)
Valerie Simpson  Valerie Simpson (1972)
Frank Sinatra  L.A. Is My Lady (1984)
Johnny "Hammond" Smith  Higher Ground (1974)
Phoebe Snow  Phoebe Snow (1974)
Phoebe Snow  Second Childhood (1976)
Phoebe Snow  Never Letting Go (1977)
Phoebe Snow  Against the Grain (1978)
Splinter  Harder to Live (1975)
Starland Vocal Band  Starland Vocal Band (1976)
Charlie Starr  Tough and Tender
Steely Dan  Greatest Hits (1979)
Steely Dan  Gaucho (1980)
Gabor Szabo  Mizrab (1972)
Gabor Szabo  Macho (1975)
Grady Tate  Master Grady Tate (1977)
James Taylor  Walking Man (1974)
James Taylor  Greatest Hits (1976)
James Taylor  Best of James Taylor (1990)
Kate Taylor  Kate Taylor (1978)
Richard Tee  Strokin' (1979)
Richard Tee  Natural Ingredients (1980)
Richard Tee  Real Time (1995)
The Domenic Troiano Band  Burnin' at the Stake (1977)
John Tropea  Short Trip to Space (1977)
John Tropea  Simple Way to Say I Love You (1999)
Tufano & Giammarese  Other Side (1977)
Michael Utley & Robert...  Club Trini (1996)
Thijs Van Leer  Nice to Have Met You (1978)
Luther Vandross  Forever, For Always, For Love (1982)
Luther Vandross  Never Too Much/Forever, For Always... (1995)
Grover Washington, Jr.  All the King's Horses (1972)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Soul Box, Vol. 2 (1973)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Mister Magic (1974)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Feels So Good (1975)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Secret Place (1976)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Skylarkin' (1979)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Come Morning (1980)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Winelight (1980)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Anthology [Motown] (1981)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Best Is Yet to Come (1982)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Winelight/Come Morning (1983)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Inside Moves (1984)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Best of Grover Washington, Jr. (1996)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Ultimate Collection (1999)
Grover Washington, Jr.  Incontournables (2000)
Grover Washington Jr.  Love Songs (2001)
Sadao Watanabe  How's Everything (Live) (1980)
Sadao Watanabe  Rendezvous (1983)
Sadao Watanabe  Fill Up the Night (1983)
Sadao Watanabe  Selected (1989)
Patrick Williams New York...  10th Avenue (1986)
Tony Williams' Lifetime  Joy of Flying (1978)
Cris Williamson  Cris Williamson (1971)
Bill Withers  Menagerie (1977)
Bill Withers  'Bout Love (1979)
Bill Withers  Greatest Hits (1981)
Bill Withers  Watching You Watching Me (1985)
Bill Withers  Lean on Me: The Best of Bill... (1994)
Phil Woods  New Phil Woods Album (1975)
Young-Holt Unlimited  Oh Girl (1972)
Young-Holt Unlimited &...  Oh Girl/Somethin' Sanctified (1999)
Original Soundrack  Wiz [Original Soundtrack] (1978)
Original Soundtrack  Saturday Night Fever (1977)
Original Soundtrack  Body Rock
Various Artists  Atlantic Jazz: 12 Volume Box Set (1947)
Various Artists  Atlantic Jazz: Fusion (1969)
Various Artists  Montreux Summit, Vol. 1 (1977)
Various Artists  Montreux Summit, Vol. 2 (1978)
Various Artists  Let There Be Drums, Vol. 3 (197 )
Various Artists  Guitar Fire!: GRP Gold Encore... (1983)
Various Artists  Every Man Has a Woman (1984)
Various Artists  Atlantic Blues: Guitar (1986)
Various Artists  Atlantic Blues [Box] (1986)
Various Artists  Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974... (1991)
Various Artists  Rock of the 70's, Vol. 4 (1992)
Various Artists  GRP 10th Anniversary Collection (1992)
Various Artists  Margaritaville Cafe Late Night... (1993)
Various Artists  Disco Party: The Best of the TK... (1993)
Various Artists  Atlantic Jazz: Best of the '70s (1994)
Various Artists  Move to Groove: The Best of 1970s... (1995)
Various Artists  Sax for Lovers [Sony] (1996)
Various Artists  New Groove: The Blue Note Remix... (1996)
Various Artists  For Our Children Too (1996)
Various Artists  Singing Singles (1996)
Various Artists  Groovy, Vol. 1: A Collection of... (1996)
Various Artists  It Takes Two [Columbia] (1996)
Various Artists  Instrumental History of Jazz (1997)
Various Artists  Groovy, Vol. 2: A Collection of... (1997)
Various Artists  Jazz Fusion, Vol. 2 [Rhino] (1997)
Various Artists  CTI Records: The Birth of Groove (1997)
Various Artists  Art of Saxophone (1997)
Various Artists  Art of Jazz Saxophone: Impressions (1997)
Various Artists  Best of Smooth Jazz (1997)
Various Artists  Best of Smooth Jazz, Vol. 2 (1998)
Various Artists  Best of Smooth Jazz, Vol. 4 (1998)
Various Artists  Pulp Fusion, Vol. 2: Return to the (1998)
Various Artists  Birth of Cool Funk Vintage Jams... (1998)
Various Artists  Blue Note Salutes Motown (1998)
Various Artists  Pop Music: The Modern Era 1976... (1999)
Various Artists  Heavy Flute: Funky Flute Grooves... (2000)
Various Artists  Ken Burns Jazz: The Story of... (2000)
Various Artists  Head Jazz (2001)
Various Artists  Long Road to Freedom: An Anthology (2001)
Various Artists  Songs From The Chillout Lounge (2002)
Various Artists  Like, Omigod! The '80s Pop Culture (2002)
Various Artists  Jasmi: Collection of Family &...

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